"Masterful guitarist, songwriter, harp player and singer of extraordinary wit... those long hot days wailing on Beale Street have paid off in spades for LV... he's got the tone, he's got the moan, he's got a black cat bone !"
-Tav Falco (author of Mondo Memphis)
“The Salvador Dali of the blues”  
-Back To The Roots

“Little Victor’s music should be placed some notches above the vast majority of what’s out there in the blues field today –stuff that has little grounding in the tradition and just represents superficial borrowing and adaptation..."
 -David Evans (author of Big Road Blues)

"An exemplary keeper of the flame. His collaboration with Louisiana Red has a world wide impact, earning many awards . His rowdy, joyous showmanship, larger than life personality, and deep understanding of the fine points of the downhome tradition have made him a popular international festival attration"  
-Bob Corritore

 "You were born too late man...VeeJay records  would have snapped you up immediately if you'd been born in the 40's "
-Mike Vernon
"Muddy Waters is certainly smiling on you carrying his music!"
 -Bob Margolin

“An excellent blues guitar player in the Willie Johnson mould circa early 1950s  who also plays great tough harmonica” 
 -Blues & Rhythm

 "Stomping, Muddy Waters-style sounds"
 -Time Out

“Little Victor plays in a style you can rarely hear outside Mississippi juke joints”
-Robert Palmer (author of Deep Blues)

“Victor is an artist of his own making, tied to the past but on a loose chain that allows you the freedom to be you…”
-Chefjimi Patricola, Blues 411